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This tool is intended to browse the SUMO ontology (Suggested Upper Merged Ontology). SUMO is a starter document in the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology effort. For more information, please see http://ontology.teknowledge.com or http://suo.ieee.org.

Please report bugs and suggestions to sevcenko@vc.cvut.cz.

You may access the ontology in several ways:

  • Type a concept name (e.g. 'Animal' or 'connected') to the following field. A corresponding concept or a list of close matches will be displayed.
  • Type an English word. A list of senses of the word according to Wordnet and corresponding SUMO terms will be displayed.
    English word:
  • Go to the Inheritance Tree to view the taxonomy of SUMO concepts.
  • Select a sub-ontology from the following list and display a list of concepts in the sub-ontology.

Number of axioms: 924; Number of concepts: 1484.