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tactile perception (TactilePerception)

The subclass of Perception in which the sensing is done by Touching. Note that Touching need not involve TactilePerception. For example, a person who has lost all sensation in both of his legs would have no TactilePerception of anything his legs were Touching.




is subclass of
is subclass of
is subclass of
  internal change  
is subclass of
  biological process  
is subclass of
  psychological process  
is subclass of
is subclass of
  tactile perception  

Coordinate term(s)

hearing  seeing  smelling  tasting 

Related WordNet synsets

tactual sensation, tactility, touch perception, skin perceptiveness
the faculty of perceiving (via the skin) pressure or heat or pain
tactual sensation is kind of (all)...   tactual sensation is kind of...  
feel, sense
perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles; "He felt the wind"; "She felt an object brushing her arm"; "He felt his flesh crawl"; "She felt the heat when she got out of the car"
feel is kind of (all)...   feel is kind of...   verb group...  
perceive via the tactile sense
touch is kind of (all)...   touch is kind of...  
haptic, tactile, tactual
of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch; "haptic data"; "a tactile reflex"
haptic pertains to noun...  
tactually, haptically
by touch; "he perceives shapes tactually"
tactually pertains to noun...  
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Axioms (1)

If is an instance of tactile perception, then there exists touching so that is a subprocess of .
      (instance  tactile perception)
                  (instance  touching)
                  (sub process  ))))